Espresso Gastronomy, what is it for? Or rather what does it do? Study the attributes of the coffee, interactions within the coffee and finally, to use those attributes and interactions to catalyze the human taste and flavour perceptions, are being done by espresso gastronomy.

Correct understanding of this aspect of the espresso does play a major role when it comes to creating a master barista. From understanding to evaluation of an espresso would be the core of this course. Apart from having to know chemistry and mathematics of espresso.

Course Content

  • Espresso (Extraction, Strength, Calculations )
  • Brew variables
  • Espresso brewing chart and extraction ratios
  • Brewing errors
  • Introduction to coffee chemistry
  • Geometry of coffee and physical-chemical modifications due to grinding
  • Percolation
  • Coffee roasting and roasting profile
  • Physical and chemical changes during roasting and storing
  • Understanding the coffee tasters flavour wheel
  • Understanding the espresso gastronomy



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