Any barista, who creates latte arts, has to understand the behavior of the milk, against temperature and conscious or unconscious perception of milk and its chemistry. At texturing the milk there are few things that help to understand the structural or otherwise physical attribute of milk by looking at the predominant chemical compounds within.

By having studied this master course barista will be able to master tilting angle, wrist positions, pressure on pitcher of pouring hand, right understanding on extracted yield, velocity of the milk while it is contacting the yield, equilibrium of contrast of milk within the yield, simple harmonic motion of pouring and symmetrical finish. Those are few of the controversial calculations or rather theses that understand by a baristas within their own mind, in order to complete a fine latte art.

Course Content

  • Why Latte art
  • Milk texturing techniques
  • Pouring techniques
  • Basic Patterns
  • Mastering the master patterns
  • Road to UK Latte art championship
  • How to become a latte art champion