“Roundness of the coffee” is one of the most common terminologies in modern sensory evaluation. As there are some controversial definitions which tries to elaborate the roundness, we wonder that roundness of a coffee is just like a ghost, lots of us are talking about it. But few have seen.

By using the blessing of chemistry here we are to take you to a journey that was never available before. Chemistry is the science that we use to study the attributes of matter. Coffee IS matter. Therefore, this course will explain you how to explain coffee and its` behavior. After this course you will be able to understand many things about coffee like never before. You will find out many answers to lots of questions that you would never have known that they were actually exist.
Finally you will be able to cup coffee like no other, because you will have science to back you up.

Course Content

  • Introduction to coffee chemistry
  • Science of water
  • Roasting and physical-chemical modifications
  • Chemistry of Coffee tasters flavour Wheel
  • Sensory evaluation techniques
  • How to become a professional cupper